Is the Mold Growing in Your Northlake or Chicago, IL Home Dangerous?

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There are three types of mold that are commonly found in homes, but not all of them are dangerous:

  1. Aspergillus can be found on foods and air conditioning systems. It's allergenic, but most people can breathe in these mold spores every day without getting sick.
  2. Cladosporium grows on the back of toilets, painted surfaces and fiberglass air ducts. It's usually black or green. It's also allergenic.
  3. Stachybotrys atra, also known a black mold, grows when there's moisture from things like water damage, excessive humidity or water leaks. High levels can cause cold-like symptoms, rashes, pink eye and asthma aggravation.

If you find mold in your Northlake, IL home, talk with A & B Environmental Construction Inc. today to have our experts identify and eliminate it.

Identification is always our first step

Identification is always our first step

We take the time to figure out what kind of mold is plaguing your home or business so that we know exactly how to extract it. Trust our professionals to remove your mold problem the right way, every time.

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